We love knowing there are happy hempers out there getting terrific results. We also love seeing photos of the end result, whether it's health, home or happiness and wellbeing, we want to see how happy hemp has made you. 

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chris johnston, Belrose NSW


My father (60) and myself (22) have both struggled to find remedy for our psoriasis – we have it over our scalps and around the bridge of our noses. Changes in season, from warmer to colder climates always brings some upset to the condition of our skin. However, for the last year I have been using the Vitamin B5 shampoo and it has really helped! I have tried everything, like alcohol based relievers and homemade remedies like baking soda/apple cider vinegar – but none are as reliable as this shampoo for keeping my head in balance! Ha-ha. I really highly recommend this product. I have gotten great longevity too, I shampoo my hair about once every three days and find one 10c size dollop enough for each wash. My partner likes the smell and she says my hair looks healthy and has a nice shine. I am mainly pleased because I feel the air on my scalp again and have no hesitation to scratch or itch. We have also used hemp seed oil balms and facial cream on the face and on the bridge of nose. It acts similar to paw paw in the cold weather, but absorbs easier over the day and comes from friendlier ingredients.

Marcin Paszkowski, POLAND 

Awesome shampoo and conditioner. Hemp protein and seeds are worth to mention as well. Passionate people :) Highly recommended products !

Brett Jacobson 

- CEO, Top Gear 

I have been an appreciator of Hemp clothing and related products now since the late 1990’s when I first found a hemp store in Katoomba NSW. Whilst the clothing and the soap are especially great, I have found the hemp sheets to be of a quality unmatched by mainstream commercial brands available today. I purchased a king size set of fitted sheets in 2001 in the natural hemp colour and these sheets are still in an as new condition almost 10 years later. Great for winter and a great alternative to flannelette sheets which often have a tendency to ‘ball’ after multiple use and washing. I would highly recommend the hemp sheets and hemp products in general to all who are interested in following their instincts rather than following the norm.


I'm in love with my hemp infinity scarf!! It's perfect for these chilly wintery days and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you for providing such beautiful, high quality items, and for being so passionate and dedicated about further educating the public about the importance of hemp products!


A business deserving all the accolades there is... Beatrice is a dedicated and passionate person... I'm sure she has made more than a small impact with her persistence. and what a terrific product they have developed over the last number of years? You've come a long way from walks in our doggy park!... Congratulations isn't enough !!!!!